IABC Quarterly Membership Meeting: Homestretch to Camp Week

Join other IABC member camps as we gather during the “homestretch to camp week”. Maybe you need to consult with others on last minute decisions? Or you need advice on how to prioritize the mountain of tasks you have to do before Day 1 of camp? Based on the number of attendees, we’ll have breakout […]

IABC Quarterly Membership Meeting: Camp Debrief

This is your safe space to debrief camp with fellow burn camp leaders! From the “I can’t believe that just happened…how amazing” to the “I can’t believe that just happened…how horrible”, we’ll cover it all!

IABC End of Year Membership Meeting

Our third annual End of Year Celebration where we reflect on the year, look forward to the next one, and play some games! Attendees are encouraged to dress up in their tackiest end of year gear! Zoom backgrounds of favorite holiday movies are encouraged. This is camp, get campy!! Existing IABC members must log in to register for this event. Not a member? Join today!