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For burn survivors and their families, the journey towards healing extends far beyond physical recovery. The emotional scars can linger long after the wounds have healed. That’s why the International Association of Burn Camps (IABC) is dedicated to connecting and amplifying the impact of camps that provide vital physical and psycho-social support to those affected by burn injuries.

IABC member camps offer more than just a temporary escape – they provide a safe haven where survivors can find strength, solace, and a sense of belonging among others who have endured similar challenges. Through specialized programs and activities, they foster resilience, encourage self-acceptance, and nurture the confidence needed to navigate life’s obstacles.

The IABC is committed to providing resources, support, and opportunities that enrich its member camps and the lives of the burn survivors and families they serve. By sponsoring the IABC, you’ll be contributing to a comprehensive ecosystem that fosters growth, education, and best practices within the burn camp sector.