How to change pictures.

  1. Go to Pages, hover over the page name that contains the photo you want to replace, and click Edit that appears under the page name.
  2. Click on the photo and a horizontal contextual menu will appear above it. Click on Replace in that horizontal contextual menu.
  3. A second square contextual menu will appear with options: Open Media Library and Upload.
  4. If the photo is already in the Media Library, click Media Library.
    1. A pop up screen will appear covering your page. To the left  are Folders. Click on the folder that contains the photo you want to use. Click on the photo you want to use.  Click the blue Select button.
  5. If the photo needs to be uploaded:
    1. First, resize your photo from your favorite desktop application to be no wider than 1200 pixels for horizontal (landscape) photos or 1200 height for vertical (portrait) photos. Save as JPG with 70% compression rate (if possible). The goal is to make the smallest file size possible while retaining the size and clarity needed to be displayed perfectly.
    2. Back in WordPress on the page where the new photo will live, click the existing photo, click Replace, then click Upload.
    3. Navigate to the location of the photo on your computer or shared drive then click the open button at the bottom. NOTE: the photo will upload in the Uncategorized Folder. Once you’re done on this page, go to the Media Library and drag it into the appropriate folder.
  6. You will be taken back to your page with the updated photo in place.
  7. With the photo still selected, on the right side, confirm the Alt Text field is populated with something descriptive of the photo. This is VERY important in order to stay within WCAG (aka ADA) compliance.
  8. Confirm the Resolution drop down menu has Large or Full Size selected. If the original photo is larger than how it will appear on the public web page then you can chose smaller resolutions. If the photo doesn’t fill the space as you intend, select higher resolutions.
  9. Click the blue Update button on the right side of the page. Open a new browser tab and navigate to the page you just edited to confirm the photo updated as intended.