How to post to Blog.

  1. Go to Posts in main WordPress menu on the left.
  2. Click Add New.
  3. Type in your title for the post then click “Type / to choose a block” and start typing your post. NOTE: copy/paste from Word in NOT advised as it will copy over hidden style tags and disrupt the look of the website. Copy from Word and paste into a text-only document then copy from there to paste into WordPress. Not following these instructions could result in undesirable results in the public facing website.
  4. On the right under the blue Publish button, select Post.
  5. You can schedule the post to go live in the future by clicking on the word Immediately set to Publish. If you want the post to go live as soon as you hit the blue Publish button then leave it set to Immediately.
  6. Scroll down the right column to the Categories section. If you do not see categories, click the arrow next to the Categories title to display the available categories.
  7. Check the box for Blog.
  8. Click the blue Publish at the top right of the page. It will provide some prompts to confirm the settings are correct, then hit the blue Publish button again.
  9. Open a new browser tab and navigate to the Blog to confirm the new post is added if it was set to publish immediately.